A non-profit organization dedicated to reduce pain and human suffering through research, education, and humanitarian aid.
A non-profit organization dedicated to reduce pain and human suffering through research, education, and humanitarian aid.


Painless Research Foundation will create a world without unnecessary pain.


Painless Research Foundation is an international research organization dedicated to eliminating pain through translational research, education and advocacy. Our primary targets are cancer pain, neuropathic pain and post-operative pain.


• Excellence in Original and Independent Scientific Research
• Scientific Honesty and Integrity.
• Highest Standards of Patients Care
• Promotion of education and information
• Practicality, knowledge and good sense.

Research Strategy

We will promote discovery and clinical implementation of new pain therapies. Our primary focus is therapies for cancer pain, neuropathic pain (nerve injury pain), post-operative pain, chronic pain, as well as inflammatory and endocrine disorders. We will promote new technologies including

The versatility of the number of applications for these technologies and their highly localized therapeuticfocus make numerous combination treatments possible with oral, surgical, and other applications. We distinguish ourselves from large pharmaceutical companies because the therapies we will promote are applied focally in order to reach a single body area, i.e. they generally will not come in a pill form to be taken systemically.

In order to maximize the production of new compounds each new project will be developed with a strategy that combines basic scientists with clinicians in order to select therapies with clinic applications.

By partnering with a network of scientists in various institutions, we will be able to quickly obtain the key data needed to build a strong intellectual property portfolio and rapidly progress to clinical trials. We fund all aspects of therapy development and will monitor all aspects of each funded project including:

  • Project supervision
  • Scientific direction, documentation, and industry analysis
  • Design of new compounds and licensing of existing technologies
  • Design of clinical trials
  • Production of compounds: RNA, plasmids, viral vectors
  • In vitro and in vivo testing
  • Pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and toxicology
  • Production of human grade compounds
  • Clinical trials
Our goal for the next 7 years is to first, procure key intellectual property by adding essential data. Second, obtain the preclinical data necessary for intellectual property and clinical trial applications. Third, apply for clinical trials for a wide basket of compounds.

Promote education at all levels

The challenge is to make clinicians, scientists and the public aware of the challenge of treating pain. By mobilizing the clinical and scientific research community, we can address the need for new therapies. This education will bring together scientists from different fields and foster their interaction in order to come up with original research.

1. Education will be provided to scientists and clinicians to encourage work in the field of pain and to allow them to gain the knowledge and competence, as well as to acquire the resources, to carry their basic discovery to clinical trials.

2. Education will be given to all students including graduate, post-doctoral, medical, high school in the form of scientific meetings, web based resources, grants to fund research projects in accredited labs, with the goal of engaging students towards a research career aiming at new pain therapy

3. Education to the general public will be provided through web-base resources facilitating the comprehension of current options on how to treat pain and where to locate providers. Also, they will be invited to attend and participate in scientific meetings.

4. Web-base and other media education will promote awareness to the seriousness of pain as a global epidemic and how current therapies are inadequate.

Humanitarian aid at home and abroad

There is pain and human suffering here at home and abroad. The goal of foundation is to create aid to those in need at present but more importantly creating aid that can be pay it forwarded. We fund healthcare providers and professionals who will embark on missions to impoverished areas of the world where the general public is underserviced by the local health care system and are in need of basic healthcare service and healthcare awareness. It is just as important that these missions allow providers to provide aid as well as educating local providers of new treatments and techniques as part of a pay it forward mentality.


Painless Research Foundation

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